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Best of the No Baggage Challenge

January 23, 2011 by admin

It’s been about 4 months since the No Baggage Challenge came to an end back in New York City. So we thought it was about time to revisit our favorite parts of the six week, 30,000+ miles, five continent No Baggage Challenge journey.

Most Popular Videos:

19 London cliches in less than four hours

Rolf and cameraman Justin take a whirlwind tour of London, on their three-and-a-half hour layover, included spotting and participating in as many London cliches as possible.

Rolling retro-style (and doing laundry) in Paris

Rolf spent 36 hours in Paris catching up on blog entries, shooting a video demonstrating his laundry routine, and touring familiar Paris sites in a vintage Citroën 2CV, before catching an EasyJet flight to Madrid.

Tapas for ignoramuses: Madrid in 9 dishes and 7 drinks

Rolf experiences Madrid through tapas — in 9 dishes and 7 drinks.

The wrong town in Morocco

After crossing the Straits of Gibraltar to Tangier, Morocco, a ‘lost in translation’ taxi ride to the nearby city of Tetouan (instead of the intended Chefchaouen), proves to be an amusing afternoon in the souks.

In Fes: Walk until the day becomes interesting

“My approach to exploring Fes was an old travel strategy I like to call “Walk Until the Day Becomes Interesting”: Instead of starting out with a list of goals or attractions for a given destination, I opt instead to find an intriguing neighborhood and wander around until something catches my eye. In this way, my instincts become my guidebook — and it can be fun to see what happens (good and bad).” –Rolf

Embracing my inner tourist at Giza

Rolf headed to Egypt to embrace his inner tourist at Giza — including one camel ride from the most spectacularly persuasive and devious tout Rolf has ever met in all his years of travel.

An Egyptian hard-razor shave (in 21 easy steps)

After a hectic day in Cairo, Rolf gets stops into a local shop for an Egyptian straight-razor shave [in 21 easy steps].

The Same River Twice: Bangkok in Three Acts

Rolf ended up staying three nights in Bangkok.

Exploring the laws of physics in New Zealand

Rolf arrives in New Zealand for a few days of Kiwi-style adventure.

Most Popular Pre-Trip Videos

How to pack for a round-the-world trip with no luggage

Rolf reviews the clothes he’s bringing on the trip.

No Baggage Challenge: Introduction

Rolf introduces the No Baggage Challenge.

“I’m thrilled to have completed it. The journey sparked my imagination — not only in the traveling-light sense, but also in its reminder of how many amazing places there are out there to experience (and re-experience).” –Rolf

Didn’t catch it all the first time around? Check out all of the videos from the No Baggage Challenge.

So what was your favorite video from the No Baggage Challenge?

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