Rolf Potts travels around
the world with no luggage

No Baggage Challenge: The Route

August 14, 2010 by Justin Glow

Starting and ending in New York City, Rolf will travel through 12 countries in 42 days. He’ll make nearly 10 flights (spending over 50 hours in the air), ride countless trains and buses, and maybe even a boat or two. All with no luggage.

From New York, the first stop is London before taking a train to Paris.  Then it’s off to Spain, where he’ll see the sights of Madrid and head off to Gibraltar for a ferry to Morocco.  Next up it’s Egypt, and then South Africa for a safari.  Another long flight to Bangkok before making his way through Thailand, Malaysia, and on to Singapore overland.  New Zealand is next, with a quick stop off in Australia, and then it’s back to the United States for a cross-country jaunt back to New York City.

If you’d like to follow along in real-time, bookmark our Map page.

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  • How do you make “nearly” 10 flights? :-)

    Seems like you either make 9, 10, or 11. If you make 9.5, then it wasn't a great flight…

  • Please come to Chiang Mai and visit us – would love to meet you!!

  • need a place to crash in london? give me a shout :)

  • CiCi

    Good luck Rolf! I'll be following your journey from my Chicago office. My purse is looking pretty big now, after reading about what you're doing!

  • Millseynz

    Seems that you land for a quick stop in Australia and then head to New Zealand and then back to the US. I will following u all the way

  • Rolf

    I won't be crashing in London or stopping in Chiang Mai, unfortunately, but perhaps I will on some future journey! Thanks for the offers…

  • Izad

    If your stopping over in Kuala Lumpur don't forget to have a cup of “Teh Tarik”.

  • When do you think you'll hit Sydney ? Trying to tee up an interview for you with one of our better TV stations who are based right in the middle of the City.

  • Trento

    Rolf! Great trip!
    BUT!!! Is it carbon offset? Poor Earth, that's a lot of plane travel emissions :(

  • Stay at Casa Nicolar, Polopos, Granada, Spain. All basics are provided including your own wash-tub !

  • Aga

    ahh, you should visit Poland too! Its such a beautiful country! :)

  • Black

    Dude, you missed Indonesia.

  • Ki


    I have a lot of SeV gear including all of what you have taken. The Tropic Weight Jacket is definitely the better choice. It is also good that it is not loaded up with magnets like a lot of the other SeV jackets (servo motors in watches do not like external magnetic fields which is why I always remove the magnets in the lefthand handwarmer pocket). I wore mine constantly in Moscow last summer along with the lightweight travel pants and the ultimate cargos in zipped off form.

    For next to the skin – merino, merino, merino! Icebreaker for travelsocks and 140/150 superlight T-shirts. Avoid their underwear as the elastic waists are too tight, better to go with Macpac (another NZ company) as their different coloured Merino underwear makes it easy to alternate a different pair each day (I usually take three each for socks, T-shirts and underwear). As it doesn't trap odour this will cut down on your washing requirements. Good next to the skin even in the Mumbai heat.

    • Echo Ki, Merino is wonderful in cool or warm (or even cold/hot) weather. I found it through cycling clothes and now wear it for everything.

      Maybe tie it in to your time in New Zealand? Icebreaker souces a lot of their wool there.

  • Andrzej


    Any chance to get an estimated budget of such trip, I would love to follow your steps one day, but the finance part has to be planned well…

    Goo luck

  • Giorgosofonias

    No buggage means no clothes right ? that means you didnt change clothes , i dont want to be next to you on a plane :P

  • Hellothere

    So you fly around with only a carry-on bag, then?

  • pelicanpreschool