Rolf Potts travels around
the world with no luggage


Exploring the laws of physics in New Zealand

No Baggage field report: Week 5

Thailand to Malaysia: Scenes from a train

Bangkok in Three Acts

No Baggage field report: Week 4

Elephant poop remedies

Hanging with the animal paparazzi in South Africa

No Baggage Challenge field report: Week 3

An Egyptian hard-razor shave (in 21 easy steps)

Embracing my inner tourist at Giza

No-baggage field report: Week two

In Fes: Walk until the day becomes interesting

The wrong town in Morocco

No baggage field report: Week 1

Tapas for ignoramuses: Madrid in 9 dishes and 7 drinks

Rolling retro-style (and doing laundry) in Paris

19 London cliches in less than four hours

How to pack for an around-the-world trip with no luggage

From packing light to…packing lighter!

The clothes Rolf is wearing on the trip

No Baggage Challenge introduction

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  • The London video was really awesome, and well, usefull too. I missed it, woulda done the same stuff if only I'd seen this 20 days ago, was in London! But it was fun watching Rolf go thru those places. London needs a sense of humour to be enjoyed.

  • Richard

    What a great experience! Thanks for all of the tips on how to travel without a bag! I really enjoy seeing how you KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)! It makes this type of travel very possible and easy to understand how it can be done! Thanks!

  • Tutu

    Hey, I discovered your travel idea very cool. Each time it's for me painfull to pack my 25kg of luggage.

    Do think about to minimise more your stuffs like with a mobile phone with integrated camera and video HD you will save a extra camera and charger and offen phone have also integrated flash than you can use instead your light. New earpiece have a very good noise reduction so you can also forget cash ball. Good luck

  • Stas

    Good ideas really, but I think that it is better to minimize your backpack than store things in pockets, looks very odd , and I do know that it is not very comfortable sometimes because all that stuff pulls your pockets down. Anyway good luck there!!!

  • Ian

    Really enjoying your videos Rolf. Don't you think that people *expect* tourists to have at least 1 piece of luggage while they travel… Imagine trying to hitch a ride somewhere without any indicator that you are in fact, a tourist. Wearing a jacket with suspicious bulges may give a negative impression.

  • great videos rolf! really awesome that you are doing this ith no bags! :)

  • ROLF I'm ROFL (Rolling On-the Floor Laughing) at that guide Robert who kept slamming the passenger door of the Land Rover in the “Hanging with the animal paparazzi in South Africa” video! Funniest video I've seen this week. Can't wait for the next one – looks like such an awesome adventure.

  • teNriA

    Rolf, in response to your “Rolling retro-style (and doing laundry) in Paris” video…I usually take a portable washing machine in my one bag carry-on luggage for business trips (incase the hotel sink is filthy or has no stopper).

    Here is a great tip for fellow RTW travellers…

    – Bring a large zip-lock plastic bag (big enough to hold 2-3 shirts, 2 pairs of underwear, and 2 pairs of socks. The zip-lock bag can be used for other uses too such as storing dirty laundry.
    – Fill the bag with water and a few drops of multi-purpose liquid soap (how much you use will depend on how dirty the clothes are and the “hardness” of the water–e.g. Scotland has very “soft water”, whereas England has “hard water” which produces lime scale, therefore more soap is required.
    – Put clothes in, zip up the bag and shake gently for a few minutes. Leave clothes to soak for 15-20 minutes.
    – rinse 3-4 times.
    – Dry on a portable washing line (available in most camping stores).

    I always carry one carryon bag (soft-sided leather). I have never attempted a no-bag trip, however, I read about a gentleman on “OneBag.Com” who travels the world with luggage the size of an i-Pod Nano case.

    This blog is amazing-really enjoying reading and watching your RTW adventure.

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  • Guest

    Was the guy in London called Richard or Paul?

  • Guest

    About showing twice a day… surely that's not too unusual. Do sport? Live somewhere hot? Also, showering is a fairly indulgent way of washing, surely? Bidets are great (also for feet!) You can wash your torso at a sink…

  • PaulFodz

    Hitch-hiked around England without luggage or places to stay over a couple of weeks in the mid- Nineties; just went and did it for no apparent reason. Slept in a ruined castle, a barn, a bus shelter, an allotment shed, a school, a church, on park benches, a cricket pavillion, motorway service stations. Wish I'd taken a camera…

  • Amazing trip. I hope to continue the tradition! Thanks again for a great job!

    Scott Jordan, CEO

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  • David

    shouldn't you carry a pocket knife?
    like a victorinox swiss army knife or something like that…

  • Wayne

    Check this article out on baggageless travel