Rolf Potts travels around
the world with no luggage


Exploring the laws of physics in New Zealand

No Baggage field report: Week 5

Thailand to Malaysia: Scenes from a train

Bangkok in Three Acts

No Baggage field report: Week 4

Elephant poop remedies

Hanging with the animal paparazzi in South Africa

No Baggage Challenge field report: Week 3

An Egyptian hard-razor shave (in 21 easy steps)

Embracing my inner tourist at Giza

No-baggage field report: Week two

In Fes: Walk until the day becomes interesting

The wrong town in Morocco

No baggage field report: Week 1

Tapas for ignoramuses: Madrid in 9 dishes and 7 drinks

Rolling retro-style (and doing laundry) in Paris

19 London cliches in less than four hours

How to pack for an around-the-world trip with no luggage

From packing light to…packing lighter!

The clothes Rolf is wearing on the trip

No Baggage Challenge introduction

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